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Toxic – acting as or having the effect of a poison

Comparison – the function of an adverb or adjective that is used to indicate degrees of superiority or inferiority in quality, quantity, or intensity. 

Often our situation, circumstances, mind and even our feelings causes us to see ourselves in the shadows of somebody else. It makes us feel inferior to people around us and even to people we don’t even know. When the mind begins to work against us, it can be one of the most toxic things a person can ever experience.  The feeling of comparison is so poisonous that it will make an individual go as far as questioning their very existence. Comparison is the killer of dreams, ideas and also progress. Timing is everything, God’s timing especially is essential. Where you are in life, in no way determines where you will finish. It’s imperative for us to understand where we are currently and use it to get to where we want to be. A lot of times we spend too much time looking at what other people have accomplished, instead of accomplishing what we need to.  If we keep making the mistake of comparing ourselves to others, then we give room for the toxic disease to eat away at our minds and bodies. Don’t make the mistake of looking at somebody else’s blessing, but instead focus on getting yours. It’s that same focus that will cause you to elevate. When that focus is maintain nothing that anyone else achieves will be a threat to you. The more mature we are then the easier for us to understand and accept that things will take longer for some people, than they will do for others.  I am not usally one to ever compare myself to anyone and their accomplishments, but comparison can take a hold of you at anytime before you even realise. So here I was one day comparing myself to somebody else and immediately started to doubt my own nature, but then a very valuable thought hit me that if it takes you longer to get it than it did them, just know that your reward and blessing is gonna be much bigger than theirs.  So what does this mean? It means no longer will I allow comparison to consume my thoughts and poison my mind and also my body. Comparison is similar to the venom of a snake, It takes its time and travels through the body, breaking down the mechanisms that are fighting against it. Once it is fully spread it weakens you, causing you to not be capable of fighting back. The difference between comparison and a snakes venom is that you cannot cure comparison with more comparison, but instead you cure comparison with FOCUS. Focus on things you want to accomplish, and ways on how to accomplish them and watch how quickly you’ll see yourself ahead of the people you once compared yourself to. This is a message to myself and anyone else suffering from the toxic poison of comparison. Just focus



It’s often said that life is what we make it. Meaning we have the option to make it fun, sad, interesting, or even boring. But, what happens when life gets a little bit out of hand? What do we do when it seems like this life that we have so much “control” over starts to spiral out of control? In the moments when it seems as if everything is falling out of our hands with no possible way for us to regain control, what do we do?

In such instances there honestly isn’t much we can do. Our human minds, and limits will only allow us to do so much. So, the best thing for us to do is embrace it, embrace life’s rollercoaster. Our egos have allowed us to think that life is always gonna be good for us or good to us, we think that we are always gonna be on a high. But the truth is there are going to be times when we seem to have hit rock bottom, when we go from the peak to the lowest and we have to embrace these times and not beat up ourselves too much because of them. Just as when we ride a rollercoaster, when it goes up, at some point it has to come down. The ego causes us to get use to the feeling of loving the top and makes us feel as if that’s where we will always be. Once we come down it’s that same ego that tells us that this is so bad, it makes us feel as if we are nothing. Life has peaks and valleys and when we are dealt those valleys we must be prepared to deal with those valleys. Learn to silence that ego and embrace the rollercoaster called life. Life’s valleys won’t be forever so it is important for us not to capitulate but will ourselves to push harder to get back to the top. The valleys are lessons, lessons that we will use to excel and stay at the top.

I am totally committed to not worrying anymore. I have worked very hard this summer to change the inner dialogue going on inside of me. I realize now that most of the suffering and stress I experienced last year was self induced and I can only hope and pray I learned from some very unnecessary […]

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Take Control

Who’s life is it? YOURS

Who’s time is it? YOURS

Who’s plans are they? YOURS

Who’s goals are they? YOURS

It’s all yours, so therefore you should be the one making sure that they are done. Take control of your life. let me make this more personal. It’s time I start taking control of my life. Waiting around for people gets you nowhere. It’s simple, take life more seriously and start getting things done. This an appeal to you, but most importantly it’s an appeal to myself.


Finding Solace…….

I don’t know if this is the right title for this blog, so maybe you guys after reading can determine whether it is or not.

For the past couple of days I have been looking at and approaching things with a different mentality. I have been trying to find the positive in the most negative situations and if I can’t find a positive I will then try to think positive. It’s not a good feeling to always be in a funk or feel as if the weight of a dying world is on your shoulders. So lately, I have been on a mission…and that’s to re program my mind and my thinking. Instead of praying out loud I now instead say a prayer in my head…I guess you can say it’s kind of like meditating. And then after I am done, then I will say the prayer out loud. Another method is no matter what happens I remind myself that it’s not the worst and it’s surely not the end. The last but most important method is I start to think ahead. I create a mental image in my head of what my future is going to be like and then I remind myself that in order for me to get that, I must first go through what I am going through now. So, I guess that’s where I have been finding solace….In being optimistic about the future and believing that there is greater to come. It works like a charm, it really does. Sometimes thinking about your future can be scary. But, as long as you aren’t giving up fear can be removed. Never allow the failures of life to get the best of you, learn to roll with the punches and also how to find comfort in the smallest of things.






So we are halfway through the year and I am sure for many of us 2016 has definitely had its ups and downs. I am sure that at the beginning of the year we were all excited about all the goals we had and all the plans we made. I know I was. But, how many of those goals have we accomplished already? How many of those plans have we put into action?  Whether it’s the vacation you want to take or it’s a business you want to start or that organization you want to join…..whatever it is that you were excited about coming into this year, my advice to you is “just do it.” A lot of times we make the simplest of things stop us from accomplishing our goals and doing something that we always wanted to do. However, 2016 should not be that year, instead It should be the year of “yes I did it.” Make a bucket list if you have to and check things off as you go along….that’s what i’ve been doing. My business ventures are slowly coming along. Of course there are days when I wonder is it really worth it. Is it really worth the sacrifices and the burdens to pursuit my dream of being an entrepreneur? Hell yea it’s worth it. I’ve made up my mind that whatever it is that I want to do i’m doing it. We can’t always wait for things to happen before we get going, life doesn’t work like that. We have to start doing things and everything will begin to fall in place. It’s simple if you don’t do anything then God can’t open doors for you. Waiting around for such and such to happen will only cause you to delay your goals and sometimes even your happiness and boy, don’t we all need some of that. In the video with Pharrell that inspired this blog he said “spend less time talking about it and more time trying to perfect it.” It couldn’t have been said much better. Try not to over analyze things….take it from me, it only makes things harder than they really are or have to be. So my advice to you is whatever it is GET UP AND GET IT DONE. “Nothing beats a failure but a try”. Don’t be scared. Don’t wait for everything to be in place. Don’t wait for the right or perfect moment. JUST DO IT.



God never created any us to be the same, if he did then there would be no such thing as individuality. In this world, especially in this day and age, individuality is a must. We won’t all think the same and we won’t all act the same. We even deal with situations and circumstances with a different approach. Although we weren’t created to be the same, some people do try to “fit in with the crowd.” Fitting in with the crowd is never something I was fond of. As a matter of fact, I liked to do the total opposite of what the crowd was doing because I liked to be different. I never liked going where everyone else was going I always wanted to “take a different route.”  Taking a different route can be looked at in two different ways. Number 1 is “Individuality” and number 2 is “finding different options.” If and when things don’t go your way, you should never capitulate but, instead you should find another way to go about doing it. For example, whenever I get caught in traffic on the highway, I don’t say I’m gonna stop driving but, instead I get off at the next exit and find another way. Honestly, i’d much rather  have to deal with the 6 million stoplights on the backroads, than to be stuck in traffic on the highway and I live in Atlanta…….traffic here is no joke. My point is, it’s your individuality that allows you to think differently that helps you in times of adversity. Being you is the greatest gift ever, nobody will ever have what you have. What you have and the way you think has value and worth and we must remember to appreciate it. Your mind is a Goldmine with a new treasure to discover everyday. The rarity of our individuality is what sets us apart from the “norms.” Sometimes this rarity can be hard to embrace and also sometimes be a little bit scary. look at it this way if Albert Einstein was thinking like how the others were thinking his name wouldn’t be one of the most looked up on today, even years after his death. We weren’t made to just “fit in” but we all have something unique that causes us to stand out. YOU HAVE OPTIONS!!! We tend to forget that and often find ourselves with our backs against the wall and think that it’s the end… long as you’re still breathing it’s never the end. Whatever it is that you hope to accomplish remember your individuality will help you and your options are never few. And last but not least excuses are for the weak minded, flex your individuality and just do it.



This is the second installment of the 10 rules of success that I Learned from Pharrell Williams in a video I recently watched. The first installment was about staying loyal to your creativity. Today’s installment will be entitled “Feed Your Curiosity”

In order for a flame not to die it must be fed with something to fuel it and curiosity happens to be a great way to find exactly what that fuel is. I am pretty sure over the years, we have heard the phrase “curiosity kills the cat.” Well, today we will meet a curiosity that helps us to stand out and to also live to our full potential.

While Pharrell was explaining what this meant, he said something that stood out to me, and this was “If you’re curious you will keep chasing it.”  This I believe to be very true. There is so much for us to learn in this world and sometimes the only way to learn them is to just simply be curious about it. let’s be honest, there are a lot of things that are not taught in school that maybe should be. These are the things we are often curious about. Whether we are curious about what it is, what it does, where it came from, or even how to make it happen. I can’t count the amount of times as a child, I got myself in trouble just for being a little bit curious. let me tell you a short story. Once upon a time I was so curious about whether or not i could catch a wasp that a made a “wasp catcher” to do so. Wasp as we know can be very dangerous but, I made a handy “wasp catcher’ out of paper and I never stopped chasing after a wasp until one day I finally caught one. I realize how effective my “wasp catcher” was that I never stopped using it. Until one day I was badly stung by a hive of them all over my body. The end.

The moral of that story is I was curious about something and I never stopped until I found a way to capture the wasp. I might have paid for it by getting stung but, I still found a way to make it happen. If we are curious about nothing, then we accomplish nothing. A person might become a teacher because they are curious to see if they can make a change in the world. A person might become a musician because they are curious about what new sounds they can create. A person might become a lawyer because they are curious to find out how the law works. A person might become a businessman or woman because they are curious about how money works and how much of it they can make. a person might become an artist because they are curious about what they can create… get my point. Curiosity is the driving force behind a lot of what we accomplish. Be curious about the right things, and I guarantee that it will help you to move forward. if you’re a writer be curious about how you can connect with people. If you’re a innovator be curious about how you can change things….etc. Never let your curiosity die and never let anybody tell you to not be curious. When we are curious then we will learn, it brings knowledge and applied knowledge brings power. Curiosity sometimes can hurt us, but that doesn’t mean you were wrong for being curious. When I got stung by that hive of wasp it caused me a lot of pain, but of course that didn’t stop me. Within a couple of days I was back out trying to catch more wasp but this time I was smart enough to not go close to the nest. That’s applied knowledge and it gave me power over the wasp. I would catch them one by one and put them in the jar. Why? Because I was a curious kid….maybe a little troublesome too. That goes to say that sometimes the pain we might feel or the failure we might encounter is only for us to learn. It doesn’t mean it’s the end. Failure isn’t the end of the road when we fail, we must be curious enough to find a different way to accomplish what the goal in sight.DSC_0035


Recently I watched a video of Pharrell Williams giving his 10 rules for success. He knows a lot bout this after all he has had tremendous amount of it in his career spanning over 2o plus years. So what I decided to do was write a blog about all 10 of them and what they mean to me. Here is the first installment.

Loyalty is probably one of the many things that people find hard to master. whether it’s being loyal to a person or whatever it might be, loyalty is often seen as hard to come by.

Why? Why is being loyal often seen as taboo or even difficult to master? My best answer is because sometimes loyalty requires a little bit of giving of yourself. In other words it requires some sacrifice to be loyal. in order to be faithful to one’s sovereign or to one’s oath, then we must be willing to sacrifice something of importance to ourselves.

As an artist or creator it is no different. An artist lives through their expressions and through their creativity and it is imperative that we make the necessary sacrifice to be loyal to our creativity so that the world can experience and enjoy it just as much as we do. Not only should we make sacrifices to allow ourselves to create, but we should also be willing to sacrifice things that will hinder the gift of creating. I hope i’m making sense. See, sometimes we get into things just for the hell of it. Taking up a task just because, is the worst thing to ever do. Never give too much time or energy to something that kills your creativeness because inevitably it will all fall apart. And when it does there is a 95% chance that you won’t want to put the effort into trying to fix it or do it again and all that time that was spent doing that was nothing but a waste. Staying loyal to your creativity requires work, dedication, and like I said before sacrifice. You have to be willing to put in countless amount of hours in your ideas. You have to be dedicated to what you’re doing in order to get the results you want. And last but not least you must be willing to sacrifice what hinders your creativity and also be willing to give yourself to your craft. Doing this will help your creativeness to develop, to flourish and to also be seen as one of the “genuine” in a world where this is hard to find. Think of your creativeness as a fire, that constantly needs to be fueled so the flame won’t go out. Being loyal to your creativity also consist of finding new and indifferent ways to keep the creativity alive……

IT WAS YOU (The Warrior,Kobe Tribute)

With every dribble, with every pump fake,with every jump shot, with every fade away. With every leg work, with every behind the back pass, with every shot fake, with every driving to the rim. With every biting of your Jersey, with every clinching of your teeth, with every post up, with every dunk, you captivated me. I remember distinctively watching my first Lakers game and Rick Foxx made a clutch shot from the side wing and  it was that one shot that grabbed my attention and made me become a Lakers fan, the ball movement before the shot was quite extraordinary as well. However, It was you, Kobe Bryant, that got me excited and caused me to love the game of basketball. No, not Jordan. My dad was a big Jordan fan, I can remember him yelling at the TV cheering him on as if Jordan could really hear him. He was most impressed by Jordan’s fade away shot, after all, at the time he was the only one doing it and he perfected it. Who would have thought that me, a kid growing up in Jamaica who knew nothing about basketball at one point as soccer was my first love. Would find myself in the same position my dad was in. Yelling at the TV saying “KOBEEEEEE” as I still do to this day.When you get the ball, I get excited. When you post up your opponent, I know what’s coming. When you pump fake and draw the foul, I smile and say “it gets them every time.” When you pull up for a shot, I watch in awe. When you fade away, I lift my hands with delight. When you do your magical footwork and destroy the defense, I say “nasty”. When you dunk on the rim, I go crazy. When you beat the buzzer, I lose my mind. Everything you do to me it was just pure entertainment. I enjoyed every moment of it. One of my friend used to say I was more like Shaq but, in my mind I was Kobe. I wanted to be like you, wanted to shoot like you, wanted to fade away like you. Wanted to fake to the right, then go to the left like you. People hated you, people loved you some people even hated that they loved you. No amount of “boos” could throw you off your game and the same people that would boo, would cheer for you just the same. Over the years of watching you I’ve developed the “Kobe mentality” or better yet the “Mamba mentality.” I watched how at the most trying times and what seem to be impossible you would take the team on your shoulders and propelled them to a win. It was the moments where you would stop playing…..and your killer instinct would kick in. It was the moments where you were just more than playing…you were dominating even if that meant hurting the feelings of some of your teammates. No matter what it took, you were gonna get the job done. I myself has adapted such mentality in whatever I do. Whether I’m preparing for a meeting, whether I was writing, whether I had to take a test, or even when I’m playing a pick up game with some of my friends. There always comes that moment where it’s “Kobe time.” Picture this as if it’s Mario and he just ate the mushroom….yea I know, unstoppable. My most memorable moment of you? I have way too many. Too many times you have granted me the authority to talk the most shiii to my friends that weren’t so fund of you. You’re the Man, You’re the Myth, You’re the Hero, You’re the Villain, You’re the Legend. The one that will never be forgotten. The one that will always be looked up to. The one that will always be compared to…..even with players who are nowhere close to your caliber, just disrespectful. But, you’re also the one they strive to be like.

I fell in love with #8. I learned a lot from #24. You evolved as I grew older and I watched and enjoyed it. You went from young stunning star, to the Legend that will never fade. I’ve had the privilege of chanting your name while watching you play. Those were two of the most amazing times in my life, easily. Here I am, a whole hour before you play your final game in the NBA. The last time you will ever suit up in the Purple and Gold. The last time I will ever get to see you do your jab step, the last time I will ever get to see you pull up from the baseline…….for years I’ve been dreading this time. I put it to the back of mind that one day the man that I’ve looked up to, defended when people said you were average, cheered for, tried to play like when on the court,  the person’s mentality I adapted in every aspect of my life would one day have to see him walk off the court and never return. You electrified us with every dribble, amazed us with every fade away. Excited us with every buzzer beater. For 20 years of your life you gave us everything we ever asked for plus more. You said it best the game asked for your hustler and you gave it you heart. We, the fans asked for a show and you gave us that and lessons. For 20 years you sacrificed so we can have something to remember. It was you. You showed what dedication was and what passion felt like. Your drive was like no other. Your abilities are matchless. People can say what they want to say, they can compare you to whoever they want. But the facts are whoever else the media has called the best in the game it’s because of YOU!! It was you who’s work ethic forced them to try to be better. You pushed them to be great simply because they wanted to be respected by you. You made them put in countless amount of hours in training because they wanted their names to be mentioned with yours. Whether you were wearing #8 or #24 it was YOU!! So with that said Kobe, I Thank you. You might never see this but it’s coming from my heart. THANK YOU for everything!! You will always be “Mr.clutch”, “Mamba”, “Bean”, “Vino” and to me you will always be THE WARRIOR THAT NEVER DIED!!IMG_1509






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